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Gratitude isn’t the Answer…

There have been many highs and lows in this new normal that commenced. Many mental health experts talking about the importance of gratitude.I have felt myself simmer to a max to the cusp of losing it so many times … to the point of… Continue Reading “Gratitude isn’t the Answer…”

Coping With COVID

Hello lovely humans in all of the places you are in this really complex time. Perhaps you are trapped at home with small children, feeling disconnected and isolated, or finally connecting with your hobbies and interests. We all respond differently to unprecedented circumstances. Personally… Continue Reading “Coping With COVID”

Welcome to your next chapter…

Have you ever noticed an unwelcome emotion perhaps at work or in a relationship?  Would you like to have more say in when and where big and powerful emotions visit you?  Do you feel exhausted from being in highly managed states for long periods… Continue Reading “Welcome to your next chapter…”